SKETCHES- be it gouache, digital, inks or something else...

I enjoy doing landscape paintings and studies from observation. I am probably carting gouaches (opaque watercolor medium). Anyway, here are some results.
Travel Town
Streetscenes L.A. & others
Rolling Hills of southern California. (farmers added later)
An '83 Benz...I loved this actor's performance in Kingdom of Heaven!!!
A study of George Washington. I came across a J.C. Leyendecker, which inspired this...
Can't believe a 34 year old Gary Oldman is under there somewhere...Oh wait, I can- 'Cuz he's one of the best character actors ever. Great movie, great actor. Scary stuff!!!

Love me the KUng FU PAN-DA!!!

I have discovered a new app for the Nintendo DS called "Colors!" and yes the title of the app actually has an exclamation mark in it..... Indeed! Hah-haa. It's good practice.