Vehicles, Mechs & Technologies!

This cuddly teddy bear a.k.a. Juggernaut was designed for "Modern Warfare 2". It is a slight departure from any present time military assembly. Definitely done with a lot of playful spirit. Some of my cohorts on this project enjoyed designing their "juggernauts" immensely. Word to Brad A & Joel E- they did such awesome takes on this character too.

This motorcycle might look familiar. It is the one the shela is riding in the other illo.
No bargaining with these guys-- At least that's what I was hoping to achieve. A certain melancholy with the robots' face designs. Not 100% what I intended, but I'll take it.

Burg, Gabo, Darren, Matt Codd, Arellano, Negron, Mcquarrie, -every Star Wars Artist- Just a few, of the many that keep inspiring me to keep drawing these frickin things..