SHOUT-OUTS - to inspiring artists

You want a good injection of inspiration? Look no further...I have had the great pleasure of working with some (not all) of these very talented people. I am so inspired by these great artists and hope you'll be too. Do some more searching of your own on these names, as it will yield more amazing work to inspire you! Here they are in somewhat alphabetical order...

If you aren't on the list yet give me time-just haven't gotten to all the amazing artists out there!!!

Adam Hughes-
Alberto Mielgo- TRON UPRISING!!!
Alex Chu-Awesome!!
Alex Mandra-
Andrew Kim-
Andy Park-God of War!!
Annis Naeem-
Anthony Francisco- I have the great fortune of being a close friend to this great talent.
Bill Perkins- Amazing Art Director. Very inspired works from this talent!
Ben Mauro-Incredible stuff!
Brad Allen- Exceptional production skills. His tool belt harnesses many gifts.
Brian Yam-
Carlo Arellano- This mans drawings are precise and done with an excellence in design! Love checking out his blog. Inspiring stuff as always...
Cecil Kim-
Chris Anderson- Mad Skills
Chris Appelhans-Magical stuff!
Claire Wendling- Incredible! Takes my breath away every time.Doodle power to the max!!
Craig Mullins- I panned the forums and uncovered brilliant shiny gold that was a Mullins posting.Thank you Mullins- your work is so inspiring. An amazing painter!!
Craig Shoji-Jaw dropping abilities!!!
Darek Gogol- Excellent draftsman, excellent humor. A blast of great energy. Learned so much from him. Thank you Darek, always!!!
Darren Gilford- Can not wait to see Tron2. Awesome visuals.
Darren Quach- So talented and awesome!!! Yes 4 exclamation marks!
David Negron jr- comes from excellent bloodline of talent. Doing 'em proud- no doubt!
Drew Struzan- Legendary stuff!
Doug Alexander- The N.C. Soft days were some of my best with you in 'em brother.. He does some of the most amazing character work - had a background drawing comics- Very lethal stuff!!!
Ed Natividad- A very, very cool man who puts out very, very cool work. His work is so amazing. Great ideas are what he delivers -always!!
Ed Verreaux- A wonderful Designer. A wonderful man. Taught me a lot! His drawings always informed me- so much information in 'them! THANKS Ed Verraux!!!
Ed Eythe- Truly a shining gem of an artist! Incredible skills!!
Erik Tiemens- So good it hurts. His work elevates the soul. Beautiful paintings!
Fabian Lacey- Gifted artist, in so many faculties. There's no stopping him, just hold on tight!!!
Frank StocktonGrant Major- Designer on Lord of the Rings. Incredible amount of work in those films, which never fails to inspire!! A wonderfully talented man.
Guy Dyas-Great Designer! Amazing work in abundance!! Such a skilled designer!
Ian McCaig- Such an amazing artist and visual story teller! Can't forget, incredible draughts-man as well!!
Imran Sheikh-Blindingly brilliantly talented!
Jackson Sze-
James Gurney-So inspiring and so generous with his vast and great knowledge!
James Lima- Great ideas are a common occurrence when Mr. Lima puts marks on paper! Thanks Lima- I learned a lot and shared some laughs...
James Paick- Unstoppable. His blog has inspiration, corner to corner.
Jerad Merantz- A comet in human form. Jerad is a real gifted artist!
Joe Ceballos-His paintings are gems!
Joel Chiang- A warrior poet armed with a wacom pen. Lethal stuff. One of my favorites! Blessed to work with you man...
John Watkiss-He holds a Sharpie as deftly as Sargent held a brush!
Juan Garrido- Incredibly gifted artist, whose skill as a plein-air painter rival that of a samurai. I have had the  pleasure of philosophizing about Art and other things as he has been a close amigo for many years.
Justin Sweet.-A bright light. His work is so pure. Life giving oxygen in an oftentimes smoggy filled landscape. Thank you Justin.
Jung Park- Mercilessly talented! Mercilessly funny! Love ya Jung!
Kevin Chen- An amazing talent and a real giver. An awesome teacher who endlessly inspires.
Khang Le- Made of magic, a lucky charm for any project. Shared so many laughs with ya- can't wait for more.
Kinman Chan- Unquestionably talented...incredibly talented actually!
Manuel Plank- An amazing production artist. A great illustrator!
Marcos Mateau- Bold Designs that DEMAND your attention!
Matt Codd- Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!! A honed veteran. He's lightning speed!!
Martin Klein- Experience goes a very long way. He's got it in spades. Taught me a lot- forever idebted. Thanks Marty!
Michael Riva- He has designed some of my childhood favorites, and continues to top his previous works. I will happily do overtime for him any day.
Michael Kutsche- Incredibly talented,  I love his characters. A very inspiring artist!
Michele Moen-She has provided matte-paint work on some of my favorite films. Definitely not a coincidence. Amazing scope!
Mindy Lee- Are drawings like that even possible. Must see her stuff to believe it!!
Nathaniel West- A real cowboy. His work is a mark of a real sharp shooter. Amazing work!
Paul Lasaine-An amazing matte artist!! A real gem of a painter! Such incredible work!
Peter Ellenshaw-Incredible artist with an incredible spirit and humor. An AMAZING matte artist who worked on so many great films. A Master!!
RALPH MCQUARRIE- Forever a legend in design!
Randy Bantog- Relentlessly awesome!
Raj Rihal-
Rick Carter- An amazingly talented designer! Great stuff!
Richard Kriegler-A smart and effective artist. His production work has made my jaw hit the floor!
Rich Smith- The juggler of dimensions; both 3-d & 2-d. Probably plays with a little 4-d too!!
Robh Ruppel- A great designer, and an excellent draughtsman, and painter. He does it all!
Ryan Church- Incredibly awesome!!!
Ryan Lastimosa- Great modeler of weapons. He modeled practically all the weapons for Infinity Ward's titles!
Seth Engstrom- Great artist. I think his oil landscapes are true gems! Lovely, excellent work just flows right out of him. So gifted- Thanks Seth, I learned a lot just watching you paint!
Shane Acker- Brilliant animator/ director. And a very animated guy too. You're the man Shane! I miss the ping-pong man! They we're insanely needed work-outs!
Steve Schirle- A dedicated artist with mean digital and traditional skills. Look at his insane painting skills!
Steve Messing- He'll turn your wildest dreams into reality, no problem! I love his work. An excellent matte-painter!
SYD MEAD- his name is in all caps for a reason!! He is a designer's designer. 2 words, BLADE RUNNER.
Sylvain Despretz- His work has a great sensibility with a unique voice. An amazing image-maker!!
Taehoon Oh- Awesome!!!
Tani Kunitake- You gave me so much encouragement when I was a little tike. I am boundlessly indebted!
Tim Flattery- An amazing concept illustrator with a fine tuned sensitivity to flight vehicles. Incredible designs!
Travis Charest- Love his style! He still, is developing in leaps.I have never seen this man plateau...
Trevor Claxton- Passion spews and congeals into greatness with this man.
Tyler West- So much flavor and style to his work. Exceptionally talented Mr. West.

LYNN CHRISTOPHER-My Mother. A great one at that and an amazing Art Department contributor. She taught me a lot about the importance of draftsmanship! Talented in many mediums. Now a talented sculptor...

PAUL GROESSE- My great grandfather and my name sake. A talented Art Director, who worked with the distinguished Cedric Gibbons at MGM studios for well over 20 years during the "Golden Age". He was an endless source of inspiration to our family- he gave everything to my mother and she invariably went on to have a very successful career for it. Your bright light still shines PAUL.

TOM CHRISTOPHER- My grandfather. A man dedicated to his craft and community. He had a long career as an Art Director. A bear of a man. Love you TOM.

--Too many talented people- :D !!! I will add more, soon...