Tryin' to stay loose...

Wanted to let the drawing come from me pushing the paint around on this one.

CGMW Demo Follow-Up

I have been getting kind e-mails from several who have taken my workshop, which has been sent out through CGMW. . I am glad to know that it is informative and inspiring for those who have viewed it thus far. Draw on Designers!!!

See more images, related to this video where I walk you through my creative process. From thumbnail creation to 3-D low poly construction, here -

Vehicle Concept Design Contest

Hello everyone,

I am very proud to say that is sponsoring a design contest with my  CGMA Fall Class as the prize.

An elegantly assembled website, the people behind, have created an incredible resource  of inspiration for all things Transportation Design. They are offering you a chance to participate in a "REMOTE EXPLORER" Vehicle Design Contest! Follow this link to find out more- .

Here is more info regarding the class that is up for prize: