Ghost In The Shell

These images below are for a personal project inspired by the animation Ghost In the Shell. A futuristic Brain Room was the order for these interiors. More to come on these as soon as I get scanning.

G.I. Joe

 These images were done for GI JOE THE RISE OF COBRA. Ed Verreaux was production designing a large Art Department. I was honored to be surrounded with such talented people.
 Images copyright Paramount Pictures 
Destro is overseeing the army of drone military being assembled from his swank office view. Martinis ordered dirty of course.

 The Evil Cobra are hiding out in this Ice-Base / Hangar deep in some vast glacial formation. There was going to be a very elaborate fight sequence staged here. The Baroness conveniently parks her Raven inside hidden away from those busy-body G.I. JOES.
 Here are some surgery sequences and creepy medical paraphernalia. I was asked to design these alongside Matt Codd- needless to say I learned a lot from that experience- laughed a lot too... A very talented guy- and a lot of fun to be around.

Modern Warfare 2

These images below were done for Infinity Ward and their next vehicle MODERN WARFARE 2. The award-winning first-person action game. A talented and fun group of video game developers brought me on to help out and be a small part. Good Times.
Images copyright Activision