CGMW Ship Demo

Here is a demo I did for my class at the CGMW. Incorporating photos of found objects, it is a technique that I refer to as "kit-bashed".
And here is another image of a concept for a Helicopter.
 I love Chinooks- They look so coool!

And some rough-sketches of a Transport Vehicle and a Mech, to round things out.

Obi Wan Kenobi

I wonder if she means Old Ben Kenobi?!

I tried to imply Obi's awareness of his own fate with this sketch. Vader's saber in the scene and Obi's expression demonstrate his doom. Brave Obi takes on this perilous journey, with his fate pinging in his mind.
 I started these traditionally, then added lots of Photoshop love on top...

Drew Struzan is the man when it comes to these types of cinematic portraits. Very inspiring!
His new Blade Runner works are amazing!!!

El Topo

Recuerda "El Topo"
Uno fast-draw de uno Bandito.

Bottom Lit

I really like studying scenarios that are lit from the bottom

Lunch Sketch

Fun to see what you can try to muster in 20 minutes. Just trying to keep the old limbs loose.