CGMA Vehicle / Mech Concept Design Class- Winter 2013

Teaching a class on Vehicle (space-ships and land vehicles) and Mech design. Come join in on the concept design fun! CGMA just opened up registration for their Fall term. Register here --


Assault Vehicle Concept - Demo for CGMA.

An Assault Vehicle concept, this was a demo for the CGMA, class is filling up, be sure to enroll now to secure your seat!

Fighter Jet Concept - Demo for CGMA.

This is something I walk you through in my class at CGMA . I go from white of the page to this, showing you useful designer/ illustrator techniques.

Tank Walker Mech

I am incorporating aspects of the Mantis insect and a bit of a Rhino into this Tank Walker concept, because all tanks need bulk.

This project started with me assembling a "Kit-Bash" out of found materials; .