Remembering those in need.

The line from the Christmas Carol "Do You Hear What I Hear?" is very fitting.

A child, a child shivers in the cold
Let us bring him silver and gold...

Zomby SWAT

Zomby stomach acids will corrode the metal, if left on for long periods of time.

POP Fascism - Hunger Games Vibrant Capitol

The idea with this one was that the government could control the demeanor of the people with "mood lights".

Pchoom Pchoom

Love doing these Space Ship designs!


Looks like Centaur meat will be on the menu tonight.  :(  *sniff sniff*

These images are for that same Centaur project that I have no time for...

Centaur Concepts

These images are for a personal project that has been on the back-burner for years.  Heinrich Kley provides endless inspiration when doing Centaur poses. His stuff is incredibly animated.

Nowhere Fortified!

Studying how textures apply to the philosophies of atmospheric perspective...Gotta do more of this stuff. It was fun.


The ultimate show-down. Kaneda vs. Tetsuo!!!

Old Rome

I do love the history of Caesar's Rome, and tried to capture that place in this drawing of a Roman street scene.

Fall Is Coming

It seems this fall is a bit late, as brutal summer hangs on.

Tryin' to stay loose...

Wanted to let the drawing come from me pushing the paint around on this one.

CGMW Demo Follow-Up

I have been getting kind e-mails from several who have taken my workshop, which has been sent out through CGMW. . I am glad to know that it is informative and inspiring for those who have viewed it thus far. Draw on Designers!!!

See more images, related to this video where I walk you through my creative process. From thumbnail creation to 3-D low poly construction, here -

Vehicle Concept Design Contest

Hello everyone,

I am very proud to say that is sponsoring a design contest with my  CGMA Fall Class as the prize.

An elegantly assembled website, the people behind, have created an incredible resource  of inspiration for all things Transportation Design. They are offering you a chance to participate in a "REMOTE EXPLORER" Vehicle Design Contest! Follow this link to find out more- .

Here is more info regarding the class that is up for prize:


Hello All, I am working on a demo through CGMW where I will present to you my production pipeline. I will be assembling thumbnails, development draughtings and some 3-d modeling, to show you how I go about designing a fantastical Sci-Fi Ship. More to come soon...

Hills of Peru

I love the wardrobe of the Peruvians- Great opportunity for hits of color.

Practicing 3-D

My piddle paddle 3-d stuff. This design is of something rolling around in my head for some time now.

Steel Horse

In the concept sketch above, I did not do any pre-designing and just started to pushing large shapes/geometries around.  Below are some images that I generated because some students asked me to show them how I rough together some Motorcycle concepts from scratch.

I always stress to my students in class, to having a clear design direction, from the very beginning of your design goal.  So even in the abstract (step 1) it is already obvious where things are headed. Keep drawing!

Hunger Games

I worked on this title briefly, had to generate a lot of work in no time at all.
 These were intended for quick studies of the Capitol.

 I also did some work for the Cornucopia, I will update soon.

Green Lantern Work

 I have been extremely busy as of late. I have worked on some projects that I have to update this blog with.  Sorry, just been extremely busy.  I will update for this project and many more, soon to follow...

I was very happy to be in such an esteemed Art Department. I was amongst a very talented crew, Storyboard Artists, Art Directors, Set Designers, Conceptual Model Makers, everyone top notch also  incredibly esteemed colleagues in the Concept Art realm.  Cheers to  Production Designer : Grant Major, & Director: Martin Campbell.
(Some of these images were collaborations with the talented Paul Ozzimo, Rodolfo Damaggio & Justin Sweet). 
(Copyright Warner Brothers).

Some of my favorite things

Some of my influences, Craig Mullins and Jordu Schell,
 were really swirling around the back of my head when I did this image.
Mullin's "Mass Effect 2" poster was the composition cake- I added different icing.


 I brake for blobs!

Princess of the Dead HeadGear

Just thought I should try some fun way to make a pretty girl, spooooky.

Oh, and this is her, before I cranked up the spook-knob higher.


This image started in a demo I did for my CGMW class.

An assault vehicle ready for the fighting tracks!!!

A-10 study

...a quick study of one of my favorite planes

Princess Before & After

I have probably been watching too much Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones lately. Is there such a thing as watching too much of those titles- probably not. Any-who, here is my take on a Princess whose outer beauty becomes deformed...

CGMA Class

My CGMA class on Vehicle and Mech design is still open for enrollment. .

Looking forward to seeing you there. This is a very dynamic class focusing aggressively on drawing and developing your personal design voice. I cover fairly advanced design philosophies so bringing basic drawing skills into this class will help, but I emphasize fundamentals for beginner students as well. Please open the door to see what is going on inside the class :)


The Strong

Louis Armstrong and a Mr. Michael Codd. One name might be familiar to you, but another one might not. Indeed they are both strong!Louis is a brilliant musician, and Michael Codd is a brilliant painter.

I happened to have the great privilege of viewing Mr. Codd's paintings in person (36" x 48 " gouache paintings- the man is for real!!!) and boy did I "hear the music".

So this one goes out to Michael Codd.

An exquisite chip off the block-