Hunger Games

I worked on this title briefly, had to generate a lot of work in no time at all.
 These were intended for quick studies of the Capitol.

 I also did some work for the Cornucopia, I will update soon.

Green Lantern Work

 I have been extremely busy as of late. I have worked on some projects that I have to update this blog with.  Sorry, just been extremely busy.  I will update for this project and many more, soon to follow...

I was very happy to be in such an esteemed Art Department. I was amongst a very talented crew, Storyboard Artists, Art Directors, Set Designers, Conceptual Model Makers, everyone top notch also  incredibly esteemed colleagues in the Concept Art realm.  Cheers to  Production Designer : Grant Major, & Director: Martin Campbell.
(Some of these images were collaborations with the talented Paul Ozzimo, Rodolfo Damaggio & Justin Sweet). 
(Copyright Warner Brothers).

Some of my favorite things

Some of my influences, Craig Mullins and Jordu Schell,
 were really swirling around the back of my head when I did this image.
Mullin's "Mass Effect 2" poster was the composition cake- I added different icing.


 I brake for blobs!

Princess of the Dead HeadGear

Just thought I should try some fun way to make a pretty girl, spooooky.

Oh, and this is her, before I cranked up the spook-knob higher.