Water Ways

Some personal work which I am starting to layout.  Really trying to capture a subtle mood with the colors and tones.

Vehicle Concept Design Demo

I am going over Vehicle Concept Design right now for my students... Here is a demo.

CTN Expo Demo

Here is the 20 minute demo I did at the CTN Expo earlier today. The computer I was thrown on had a wack-a-doodle configuration and of course was misbehaving terribly...Thanks everyone for watching!

Blocking in this thing in the 3-Ds, here is a quick progress shot on that block-in.

Night Riot.

Painting these night scenes can be tricky- It is all about staying within a certain value range...

CGMA Vehicle / Mech Concept Design Class- Winter 2013

Teaching a class on Vehicle (space-ships and land vehicles) and Mech design. Come join in on the concept design fun! CGMA just opened up registration for their Fall term. Register here -- http://www.cgma2dacademy.com/vehicle-and-mechs.html


Assault Vehicle Concept - Demo for CGMA.

An Assault Vehicle concept, this was a demo for the CGMA, class is filling up, be sure to enroll now to secure your seat! http://www.cgma2dacademy.com/vehicle-and-mechs.html

Fighter Jet Concept - Demo for CGMA.

This is something I walk you through in my class at CGMA . I go from white of the page to this, showing you useful designer/ illustrator techniques.

Tank Walker Mech

I am incorporating aspects of the Mantis insect and a bit of a Rhino into this Tank Walker concept, because all tanks need bulk.

This project started with me assembling a "Kit-Bash" out of found materials; http://paulchristopherart.blogspot.com/2013/07/mech-kit-bash.html .

Rooftop Rappel Gun Scene

Capturing a certain narrative involving a "Rooftop Rappel" sequence.


Studying different dedications for archers in ancient Japanese culture. Fascinating stuff. This guy in the fore-ground is from the Kyudo discipline.

Some Experiments

An art-pal of mine, the talented Joseph Culp, and I have taken on this experiment...
  To expand their creativity, Leonardo Da Vinci would instruct his students to stare at clouds, until you start seeing different things in them. So in that spirit Joseph Culp, and I are throwing our own cloudy starts for the other one to finish...More to come.
Here they are in full frame...Gonna definitely have to do this more!

Snake Queen

I was honored by Constantin Sekaris to contribute to a Design Studio Press book, which he and the awesome Scott robertson are at the production-helm of.  It is about Character/ Costume Design, and about to come out, so about time some promotions start...Stay posted!

Fire Pixy

This is an Illustration that was featured in a RPG Card Game.  I was commissioned to design her various levels of costume as well as providing final illustrations for them all. Her power is FIRE!

Sikorsky helicopter concept

First, familiarize yourself with some useful form language, using pen and markers with a fairly quick sketch-hand.

Then it is about getting the concept design/idea down on paper, broadly at first...

After the building/drawing has been accomplished, it is now onto the rendering-

As you proceed along, you should be drawing (constructing forms) as well as painting in the values of your materials (lighting/surfaces physics). Avoid details until the end.

I will be posting the final render here, as soon as I get through...

Under The Bridge.

These are shots for a personal story I am writing.  As I write this stuff down, Key-Images pop into my head, and I have to race to catch them onto the paper.  Loose at first, exploring compositon, colors and "Time of Day".  I am happy with the dusky hour for this narrative moment.

Mech Kit-Bash

Decided to put myself through some end of term riggers, as one of my students had asked me to do a Kit Bash of a particular sketch I did in class.
 So here is the beast, standing at just over 20 inches tall, I put it together out of an old "out of service" Desktop, Ink Cartridges, a ton of Glue and anything else I could get my hands on.  It was fun and a bit of stress, and finally a sense of accomplishment to have this at the end.
For Bonus-Points I made him articulated at the legs, and he can swivel at his torso and gun mounts.

Character Studies

I have been in the mood to do some character studies.  Here are some recent ones I have done.

Tactical Tess

They had "Bomber Betty" back in the mid 40's as novelty nose-art.  Look at her now!!  "Tactical Tess" is my take on the Bomber Betty, but now a modern day tough girl. Careful, how you look at her bub! 
 I saw an incredibly moving documentary detailing female soldiers. I had to do this character after seeing that documentary...and YES that is a mo-hawk she's sporting!

Meching About...

I am playing with some Mech forms.  Here are different progress steps of a current design I am working on.

CGMA Vehicle & Mech Concept Design Summer Class

Here is the banner for the Vehicle & Mech class I will be teaching this coming semester!  If you want to improve your design game and work on some portfolio pieces, join this class, as I will be assisting you directly with your design assignments every week, in this class environment.  Enroll now!!!

TitanFall announced!

After a lot of hard work from the Respawn team and over a year of my time, it's announced!
Here is the official trailer for TitanFall!!!   http://www.titanfall.com/.
I had a fantastic time dreaming up stuff for this SciFi FPShooter.  I will post my contributions as release date allows publishing of sensitive materials.

CGMA Mech and Vehicle Design Class

If you didn't make it to this one, don't rage-quit and break all those pencils, wait for the summer enrollment!