POP Fascism - Hunger Games Vibrant Capitol

The idea with this one was that the government could control the demeanor of the people with "mood lights".

Pchoom Pchoom

Love doing these Space Ship designs!


Looks like Centaur meat will be on the menu tonight.  :(  *sniff sniff*

These images are for that same Centaur project that I have no time for...

Centaur Concepts

These images are for a personal project that has been on the back-burner for years.  Heinrich Kley provides endless inspiration when doing Centaur poses. His stuff is incredibly animated.

Nowhere Fortified!

Studying how textures apply to the philosophies of atmospheric perspective...Gotta do more of this stuff. It was fun.


The ultimate show-down. Kaneda vs. Tetsuo!!!

Old Rome

I do love the history of Caesar's Rome, and tried to capture that place in this drawing of a Roman street scene.

Fall Is Coming

It seems this fall is a bit late, as brutal summer hangs on.