Princess Before & After

I have probably been watching too much Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones lately. Is there such a thing as watching too much of those titles- probably not. Any-who, here is my take on a Princess whose outer beauty becomes deformed...

CGMA Class

My CGMA class on Vehicle and Mech design is still open for enrollment. .

Looking forward to seeing you there. This is a very dynamic class focusing aggressively on drawing and developing your personal design voice. I cover fairly advanced design philosophies so bringing basic drawing skills into this class will help, but I emphasize fundamentals for beginner students as well. Please open the door to see what is going on inside the class :)


The Strong

Louis Armstrong and a Mr. Michael Codd. One name might be familiar to you, but another one might not. Indeed they are both strong!Louis is a brilliant musician, and Michael Codd is a brilliant painter.

I happened to have the great privilege of viewing Mr. Codd's paintings in person (36" x 48 " gouache paintings- the man is for real!!!) and boy did I "hear the music".

So this one goes out to Michael Codd.

An exquisite chip off the block-