A new painting to kick off the New Year!

I want to be more diligent with my personal work and cram as much as I can in my spare moments- really inspired to learn some more this year. As always I want to draw and paint from life a bunch more...yes and I gotta do some more studies from animated films.

Some more shots

Been painting up some shots during some downtime.Just trying to keep the tools sharpened.

Little Tokyo 2040

I have been doing some sketches around little Tokyo recently and was inspired by the architecture there- which sort of spurned this scene of a future little Tokyo. Japanese Zen garden atop a corporate building.

Coast Landscape

I kept caking on layers and layers of gouache and to no avail- hrmmph...

Here are some more from that area...

Landscapes-Grey Skies

I have been out schlogging my paints in the rain lately. Here are some results.

Rough Start

I am hoping that if I have these farty sketches on my blog, it will force me to finish them- a new year's resolution and an otherwise good habit to instill--finishing what I start--


These costume designs are a nod to one of my favorite art subjects- Orientalistm. Love me the Arabesque curves.

Faun's Tempests

 Playing with an other-than-usual style for me. the subject is very Fantasia's "night on bald mountain" - saw that sequence when I was a toddler- haunted me then, haunts me now...


i will call him "Uggh"- "Uggh The Adorable".