A practice in photo comping, trying to make it look painterly still.

CHARACTERS- Humans, Beasties, Etc.

I did these Elf designs with a Concept Design partner in crime, Kevin Chen- A huge reason why these look as inspired as they do. I always love the opportunities I get artistically and otherwise when working with such great talents. Thanks Kevin!!
I was very proud to be a tiny part of this beautiful looking project developed in Korea. It is called Aion. Aion Online. For this piece, I worked with an established look from a N.C. Soft Visual Development Department from Korea. (I don't know who the very talented artist is otherwise I'd be very happy to credit him. Please feel free to contact me to inform me... :)

Eating my Mech WHEATIES!!!

All things Mech!! I have been called into a mech design duel- more of a blood bath really- not just 2 but 5 contenders, and what contenders!!!The extremely talented contenders are- Robogabo, Carlo Arellano, Ben Mauro & Paul Richards- all personal favorites of mine! Contending for what?  I do not know, but I am going to get some good growing experience so into the arena I go.

These are not my submissions for the "design-off", but more of an exercise to warm up the muscles- I will be posting my mech design in a while. Stay tuned!

And as luck would have it, I have recently been building 2 BAN-DAI Mech models. Quite an arduous task as it was, as I wanted to assemble and paint them all based off of a specific pattern I had in mind for these little buggers. Went so far as to apply rusting, weathering and chipping effects with successive layers of acrylic paints.
I know you can't hear any of what I am saying with all of the noise blaring from the nerd-alert which is sounding off, like an angry whistle from all this mech blather, but I will keep going on anyway....
Here is the 2nd mech build... I was striving to equip this build for a desert location with this final paint scheme...
And below are the same models as above,just in their original "BAN-DAI" colors as illustrated in packaging instructions... 
Again these are not my submissions for the "design-off". I will be posting some work in progresses of my design, in a little while. Stay tuned!

Vehicles, Mechs & Technologies!

This cuddly teddy bear a.k.a. Juggernaut was designed for "Modern Warfare 2". It is a slight departure from any present time military assembly. Definitely done with a lot of playful spirit. Some of my cohorts on this project enjoyed designing their "juggernauts" immensely. Word to Brad A & Joel E- they did such awesome takes on this character too.

This motorcycle might look familiar. It is the one the shela is riding in the other illo.
No bargaining with these guys-- At least that's what I was hoping to achieve. A certain melancholy with the robots' face designs. Not 100% what I intended, but I'll take it.

Burg, Gabo, Darren, Matt Codd, Arellano, Negron, Mcquarrie, -every Star Wars Artist- Just a few, of the many that keep inspiring me to keep drawing these frickin things..