Tactical Tess

They had "Bomber Betty" back in the mid 40's as novelty nose-art.  Look at her now!!  "Tactical Tess" is my take on the Bomber Betty, but now a modern day tough girl. Careful, how you look at her bub! 
 I saw an incredibly moving documentary detailing female soldiers. I had to do this character after seeing that documentary...and YES that is a mo-hawk she's sporting!

Meching About...

I am playing with some Mech forms.  Here are different progress steps of a current design I am working on.

CGMA Vehicle & Mech Concept Design Summer Class

Here is the banner for the Vehicle & Mech class I will be teaching this coming semester!  If you want to improve your design game and work on some portfolio pieces, join this class, as I will be assisting you directly with your design assignments every week, in this class environment.  Enroll now!!!

TitanFall announced!

After a lot of hard work from the Respawn team and over a year of my time, it's announced!
Here is the official trailer for TitanFall!!!   http://www.titanfall.com/.
I had a fantastic time dreaming up stuff for this SciFi FPShooter.  I will post my contributions as release date allows publishing of sensitive materials.